Fresh CatFish:

These fishes have a strong, hollow, bonified leading spine like ray on their dorsal and pectoral fins. In defense, these spines gets locked into place so that they stick outwards, that inflects severe wounds for their attacker. The beauty of these fishes gain the attention of the viewer and is widely appreciated. We offer these fishes at the most competitive prices to our honored clients.

catfishFood: A Catfish with it's mouth pointing straight forward will eat anything that fits, a mouth pointing downward means they scavenge leftovers.

Breeding: Catfish are hard to breed. Most of them must be full grown to spawn and that can require huge amounts of water.

Tank Conditions: Most catfish can live in any water condition, Corys can be a bit touchy.

The order Siluriformes is a large, very diverse order of fish known as catfish. Catfish can vary in size, with the Giant wels catfish at 670 lbs and 13 ft in length the largest. You probably don't want one of those as a pet. Catfish are so-named due to the barbels (or feelers) that protrude from the upper part of the jaw and, in some species, from the lower jaw, resembling the whiskers of a feline cat.


Dry CatFish

Avail this dry catfish from us, which contains high protein and is full of nutritious qualities. The dry catfish comes with customized packaging and is offered at nominal rates to the customers.

It is fresh water or marine fish with whisker like barbells around its mouth, typically, bottom dwelling. Also, it is one of the natural seafood of the world and one of the richest nutritive food supplements on earth.

The fish belong to the family of Eurasian. It lives and thrives very well inside open water bodies like rivers, lakes and oceans.

dry_catfishOur catfish is harvested by fisher men in Cross River State River.  They Set their fishing nets in strategic areas inside the river. This nets are checked twice a day that is, in the early hours of the morning and late in the evening. After each harvest, catfish is preserved for consumption by drying it to prevent it from going bad. This is done by salting the fish before putting it in an oven for drying.

Catfish is stored and or package in cottons. It is used all over the world as food and for the production of fishmeal. The natural catfish is more nutritive than the pound type. A taste of this natural catfish will convince you.


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