Scad generally reach lengths of about 25–30 cm (10–12 inches). They have deeply forked tails, and some are mackerel-shaped with narrow, streamlined bodies. Scad eat other fishes and invertebrates. They are bluish or blue-gray on the top half of the body and silvery below. have a strong but not overpowering flavour. They are an excellent choice for children as their bones are easily removed.

ScadBecause of its dry flesh, marinate before cooking or serve with a sauce.The flesh softens considerably after freezing and thawing so fresh trevally is far preferable.Bake, grill, smoke and deep or shallow fry trevally, but preferably serve skinless. They can be excellent in sashimi and popular when served fried with chips. Smoking helps to reduce the oiliness, which is high in some species. Curried or herbed mayonnaise makes a delicious accompanim

SCAD (Trachurus trachurus) The Scad are usually linked closely to the Mackerel even though they are not related, The Scad are commonly known as Horse Mackerel they have very large eyes and a silver body Scad can be caught very close to the shoreline useing a float rig baited with strips of fish etc or they can also be captured on feathers not unlike Mackerel.

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