Tuna Fish
Tuna, an excellent source of lean protein, vitamins and minerals, is a wonderful way to excite the palate while maintaining a balanced diet Tuna are a group of ocean fishes from the family Scombridae. Unlike most fish, which have white flesh, the muscle tissue of tuna ranges from pink to dark red. Tunas are widely but sparsely distributed throughout the oceans of the world,

Benefit of Tuna
You may have heard that tuna is not good for pregnant women. But, Tuna actually a great health benefit. Fish in general has always been a great diet food. But it can help you lower your blood pressure and your cholesterol as well. Scientists have found that the main key health benefit in tuna is called omega-3 fatty acid. It can also help other health issues.
  • Help lower the risk of heart disease
  • Help with the pain of arthritis
  • Decrease the complications in asthma
  • Fish is also commonly known as brain food and is a great source of nutrition for young children.
tunaBut the bottom line is the benefits of fish especially fish that are high in omega-3 like tuna. Canned tuna is not only rich in omega-3 but high in protein as well. Tuna has become so good for you that the American Heart Association recommends that people consume at least 2 servings a day. It doesn't mean tuna fish only you can mix types of fish.

Tuna is a low cholesterol food but it can also help the body get rid of fats that come from other foods as well. Tuna can also lower the risk of having a stroke. Tuna is also a low fat food but the calories increase with tuna because people add mayonnaise. Tuna has a low amount of saturated fat and it has vitamins, minerals, which bring us to, the fact of the matter is that fish is a great protein and cholesterol food.

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